Addie's Way
"I have long wanted to write this cookbook and to pass on the comfort and pleasure our family took in the intensely flavorful dishes my Lebanese mother cooked.”

These words, written before her death in 1994, are Addie Bedway Shaheen’s loving introduction to a cookbook devoted to family, the flavors of Lebanon, and life.

Addie’s Way inspires both the home cook and the armchair historian, relating delicious tidbits of first-generation Lebanese family life in small-town Ohio alongside sophisticated Middle Eastern recipes.

Addie’s passion, hard work, and generosity touched everyone who knew her, most importantly her two sons, Jimmy and Michael. This publication of their mother’s stories and recipes preserve the countless memories the three shared together in little Adena, Ohio.

Originally intended by Addie to be a memoir describing how her beloved immigrant parents raised nine children, Addie’s Way features gorgeously photographed Middle Eastern classics like fatoosh, tabouli, and hommos as well as inspired family favorites such as Ellie’s Apple Cake, Good Friday Soup with Dumplings, and Hunnah’s Pork Chops.

Paging through the family’s life history, it’s impossible not to be drawn in by the warmth, passion, and irresistible cuisine that defined Addie throughout her well-lived life.

Michael also shares memories of Addie raising her two boys on her own in addition to working as an executive in the male dominated coal industry. Upon reading this memoir, it becomes immediately apparent just what a special woman she truly was.

In the kitchen, as in life, Addie’s way was simple: It was forever and deliciously lit by love.

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Good Friday Soup With Dumplings

Addie's Way
Here is a sample from the memoir section of the book

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